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What is Jupap Messenger?

Jupap Messenger is a socialization app that provides you a secure messaging platform to communicate with people from all over the world, socialize instantly and talk limitlessly!

Is Jupap Messenger free?

Jupap Messenger application is completely free for both iOS and Android operating systems.

How can I sign-up to Jupap Messenger?

All you need to sign-up is a valid phone number. You can only create one registered account with each phone number on Jupap Messenger.

I didn’t receive a text after entering my phone number, what should I do?

You can get a text by clicking on Send A Text Again after waiting for 90 seconds, or you can contact us through our website. Your problem will be solved as soon as possible.

How can I create my profile?

After logging in with your phone number, you can create your profile by entering your username, profile photo, gender, date of birth, and finally your bio.

How can I add a photo to my profile?

You can take a photo by clicking the plus icon in the top right of your profile or select a photo from your gallery and upload it.

Who can view my profile?

Your profile can only be viewed by users who search you by your user ID, if your account is public.

How is my account viewed if it is private?

If your account is private, other users cannot view your profile. But when they search your user ID, they can send you a message request.

How can I meet new people?

You can meet new people and start conversations by searching for them by their user ID.

Can I block users?

You can block users you don’t want to meet on Jupap Messenger. In this way that user cannot send you messages.

How can I view the message requests I receive?

You can view your incoming message requests in the Requests section. You can start messaging by accepting the message request. If you do not accept, you cannot write a message. If you want, you can delete the message or block the user without accepting the message request.

What happens when I send a message request?

When a message request is sent, it is forwarded to the user’s message requests box. Meanwhile, your message is displayed as “waiting for the user to accept your invitation”. You cannot start messaging unless the user accepts the request.

How can I completely close my account?

You can delete your account by clicking Delete My Account in the Privacy & Security section of the Settings menu.

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